Language check for doctoral thesis done

Last week, I finally submitted my doctoral thesis for pre-examination. Assuming all goes well, I should be graduating this Autumn, or early next year. So yay me!

Anyways, that’s not the main point today. The main point is that I had to perform a third-party language check for my thesis. That’s simply the policy of our university, it seems.

After some consideration, I ended up using a company called (The name could be translated as It’s a small business based in Finland, with the language checking itself performed by a native English speaker. (Not that it automatically means it’s good – most of Youtube comments are written by native speakers after all.)

Below, you can find a brief summary about my experience with them, with both pros and cons listed.

How it works

Language checking in general works like this:

  1. You send your manuscript.
  2. You either wait a while, or you wait a freaking nerve-cracking long while.
  3. You get back a corrected manuscript. Optionally, you may also get an explanation of why each correction was made, and maybe some suggestions for improvement.
  4. You pay, or you pay a lot.

How I liked it

Below, you can find some pros and cons about the service that I ended up using.

  • Only a corrected manuscript is returned; i.e. no explanations about why the corrections were made. This may or may not bother you, depending on how you learn and stuff.
  • The service was very fast – I got the corrected manuscript back within a week or so. Some other service providers can take several weeks for checking a thesis, which is far too much in my opinion.
  • Very affordable. I paid less than 400 euros after taxes. Based on a quick comparison, the closest competitor would have charged more than that before.

Buy me a beer

Yeah, I ended up closing my first-ever affliate deal with them. So if you ever need to language-check anything, do it here and tell ’em I sent you, and I’ll get to buy myself a beer.

I’ll even buy one for you – how’s that for a deal?


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Thesis Language Check Done

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