I might be able to help you out, pal.


Maybe you have a startup, and really can’t afford to pay a year’s salary for a commercial FE software license.

Or maybe you are working for a large multinational, but would like to learn how those fancy black-box software works under the hood.

Or maybe you just want to get in touch, or are simply dying for a piece of cheesecake?

In any case, just get in touch by sending an email to antti{ät}anttilehikoinen.fi

Or hit me a comment in my blog. Or just follow any of the social media badges you see below.

If you want to send me some mail, please use the following postal address:
Aalto University Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Automation, P.O. Box 13000, FI-00076
Espoo, Finland

Or come directly visit me to my office:
Otaniemi Campus, Otakaari 5I 243, Espoo, Finland.