Electric Motor Design

Probably the second-best site in the world.

That would be me.

Hi there, and welcome to my website! I’m Antti Lehikoinen, a 30-something academic-turned consulting motor specialist. Meaning, I help small-to-medium businesses with R&D problems related to motor design and design software. More gain, less pain – that’s the idea.

On this site,you can find my blog. I post regular-ish updates, mostly about the topics listed below. You can also find some more static information about my work, plus of course my CV and list of publications.

The Best

I mainly focus on finite element analysis (FEA) of electrical machines. Lightning-fast computation of high-frequency AC losses is my specialty – I can comfortably claim I’m one of the world’s best in that area.

But, I also know everything quite a lot about standard FEA – I have indeed authored the open source SMEKlib library for Matlab. It contains pretty much all the functionality you need for analysing (2D) and designing rotating machines and magnetic components both. So almost anything you can think of, and lots of what you can’t.

The Good

Additionally, I also write about the following awesome topics:

  • Other simulation and design methods for electrical machines. Examples include reluctance networks and analytical approaches.
  • Electrical machines themselves. You tend to pick up quite a many bits and pieces along the years.
  • Fitness and cheesecakes. I’m an unapologetic gymbro with a sweet tooth.

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