My recipe for Christmas Coffee

As mentioned in my previous post – it’s the Christmas season again. And the Christmas season is, and should be, evident from the everyone’s intake of food, drinks, and sweeties.

Talking about Christmas, I ran out of milk this morning. Since filtered coffee without milk can only be drank for the caffein, rather than any enjoyment, I had to improvise. So, here’s a delicious Christmas Coffee recipe:

  1. Add a small teaspoon cardamom to your coffee powder. A dash of cinnamon is also fine.
  2. Make filtered coffee just as you normally would.
  3. Pour into cups and sweeten generously. A tablet or two of artificial sweeteners, or maybe a big spoon of sugar.
  4. Enjoy.

If you have gingerbread, even better. Have a piece, or four, with the coffee.

Christmas coffee. Not mine, but the picture looks appropriate anyway.

Have a Christmas-y recipe of your own? Let us know!


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Christmas Coffee Recipe – Simple and Delicious

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